About Us

Hi, I'm Nelson. I've always loved board and card games. As much as I like playing them, I like designing them just as much. I got my start when my brother and I, at the ages of 5 and 7,  first combined Micro Machines and a track drawn on some poster board to create a racing game. 

We spent our childhood creating games based on everything we liked - from a Gilligan's Island adventure game to a Lego-based dogfighting game. 

As we grew up, games have stayed in the picture. Family get-togethers are always marked by cutthroat Monopoly games, hard-bargaining Catan sessions, and even some weighty chess games.

And of course, we continued kicking around new ideas, drawing up mocks, and playtesting. When Tammany was playtested with some friends, it was the best-received new idea to date. So, I decided to see about getting some design work done and putting it into production, so more people could play it and that is where Copper Jungle Games started!

I hope you like my games - either way, I would love to hear what you think!